Raquel Simpson

Howard University Alumna

Aspiring Creative Producer/Director

About Me: Raq in a Heartbeat

As a black female golfer, the lack of representation of women like myself in such a mighty and ever-growing sport is disappointing. I was elated when I was allowed to play Division 1 golf at Howard University, a brand-new program Stephen Curry funded. Though the golfing experience was great, our social media presence could have been better. 

After taking a few media electives, the passion for giving our team a much-needed voice and social media presence fueled me. Investing in a camera and post-production software, I found myself morphing into the team's social media manager, content creator, producer, and editor all in one. I quickly grew our team's social page to over 10,000 followers and achieved verification on Instagram, all while our team was filming an ESPN documentary for the AndScape series "Why Not Us." 

Though being an on-camera talent was humbling and beautiful, I admired the production team so much that it amplified my passion for content creation.  I've always been drawn to the intersection of culture, sports, and the power of visual storytelling. 

My content creation journey led me to contribute my skills and vision to renowned platforms like First Tee of Greater Chicago, Black Girls Golf, National Links Trust, and even the industry giant, Callaway Golf. I also had the honor of curating content for none other than Steph Curry’s brand channel, Thirty Ink, and his personal Instagram page.

My ultimate goal is to obtain a position myself in the sports, production, or marketing industry that will allow me to dive into my passion for storytelling and multimedia content creation, challenging my intellect and pushing my creative boundaries.